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Raising a child can be hard

Share your advice and experiences as a champion of parenting

Thank you for all your help!
We have closed our open enrollment for participation in our study.

Parenting for Life-Long Health


We are looking to get your feedback on universal parenting materials that were developed during the COVID-19 pandemic to provide tips and strategies to caregivers of young children.


Your feedback will help us understand what tips and strategies are most useful to you and your child and allow us to develop tips and strategies that are meaningful to Ontario families with children ages 2-6 years.


Caregivers of children ages 2-6 years who: have not participated in a parenting program such as Triple P, Nobody's Perfect, or Circle of Security, OR identify as a racialized group, OR are a newcomer/immigrant to Canada. 


Complete a 20-minute survey. You will receive a $20 gift card as a thank you for participating.



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